Foraging armadillos will dig numerous holes in the lawn and flowerbeds. They feed on ants, grubs and earthworms, although they occasionally eat berries and mushrooms. Armadillos will leave a cone shaped hole in the soil where they have been feeding, and can also dig large dens under the shrubbery in planting beds.

Armadillos can be controlled by erecting barriers (fences), live traps, or shooting the offending animals. When trapping, use live earthworms as bait. Place earthworms and soil inside a nylon stocking as bait, and around the trap to lure the armadillo into the area and place leaf litter and soil under the entrance to the trap to create familiar surroundings for the animal.

There are no chemical treatments available to control armadillos, and an application of excess insecticide to reduce insect populations in the soil to discourage foraging has proved not to be effective.

Bait products have recently become available for Moles and these same baits may be effective on Armadillos as the Moles and Armadillos feed on earthworms. Treatments for Moles, while they can be very effective, are expensive and because Moles and Armadillos forage over large areas extended treatment periods (and expense) may be necessary.