In 1881 a remarkable young man of 17 came to Florida, settled in what today is known as OneCo and began to fulfill his dream of propagating a nursery in the warm environs of Florida. With a few seeds and an unbridled enthusiasm for both learning from others and trying new methods, Pliny Reasoner began what would become a widely respected horticultural career. Joined by his younger brother Egbert in 1885, the Reasoner brothers built a world-recognized nursery. Today, Royal Palm Nurseries is Florida’s oldest nursery.



Pliny Reasoner
Egbert Reasoner


The history of Royal Palm Nurseries, the Reasoner family and Florida horticulture are intertwined. In 1980 Egbert was one of the first six men inducted into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame and Pliny was inducted the year after. The brothers were the first two inductees from the horticultural field. Their dream has evolved from a fledging grove of oranges to a thriving multi-faceted enterprise: landscape design and installation, fertilization and outdoor pest control and an online retail nursery. But the essence remains: a real passion for tropical flora and an honest enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and experience with others.

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