Let Royal Palm Nurseries help you take care of your landscape. With over 120 years of horticultural experience in Manatee and Sarasota counties, we know how to grow a Florida landscape. And as a Certified Pest Control Operator, Andy Reasoner knows how to use and apply herbicides and pesticides to their and your best advantage to get the results you are looking for.

Our comprehensive turf program is designed for maintenance of St. Augustine turf and includes fertilization, insect, disease and weed management. We specialize in treating Crabgrass and have one of the only programs in the area that aggressively treats to prevent Crabgrass (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Carpet or Blanket Weed). With our service, all you'll have to do is mow and water!

Turf Program Highlights:

Six applications throughout the year focused during the growth season. Specific timing will vary based on weather conditions.
We treat ALL your weeds including crabgrass and sedges.
Fertilization and insect management aspects of the program are tailored to West Central Florida and are constantly modified to optimize results while minimizing the impact to the environment.


Granular and liquid applications are tailored to the seasonal requirements of your St. Augustine turf.

Insect Management

Preventative applications are designed to affect the turf damaging insects while minimizing the impact on the environment. Best Management Practices are a cornerstone of our program.

Weed Management

Our program is designed to control broad leaf and grassy weeds. There are two applications a year of pre-emergent herbicides to specifically prevent weed seed germination and two applications for post-emergent broad leaf weeds.

Disease Management

Treatments are included as needed to control disease problems as they arise.


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